Upcoming Events
Flame Fest

Flame Fest is a flow arts and fire spinning festival on April 12th that will be using a SEED stage for its musical artists.

The LEAF Festival

SEED is bringing Stage and Light Magic Back to theĀ LEAF Festival May 10th and Oct. 18th 2018.

Kinnection Campout

SEED is honored to be leading the artistic design and build for Kinnection Campout May 17th, 2018

More Coming Soon

Come back soon to see more of what Sacred Element has in store for 2018

Sacred Element

Pioneering an

elevated event experience

through art.

Sacred Element Event Designs (SEED) blends traditional entertainment methods with unique artwork, sacred forms and natural elements to create stages and environments that delight the eyes and the heart. Taking inspiration from sacred human made structures and shapes from around the world. As well as from sacred forms of the natural world itself, SEED brings together the elements of life with care. Through movement, color and pattern an original experience is created that has the ability to break the mind of habits and assumptions. The experience becomes transformative as entertainment meets supported inner exploration and the dreams of the heart grow from the SEED.

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